Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spiritual Thought

The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that our minds are eternal. The human mind or intellect, like matter, cannot be created or destroyed. It exists independently of time, space, and even God. So when we say, "God made me this way," we're probably wrong. While God has given us everything else, our will and personality are uniquely our own.
God, in His great Plan of Happiness, has offered to give us all that He has, including perfection and the fulness of joy. In return, He asks us to sacrifice all that we have. But as Elder Neal A. Maxwell said, "The usual gifts and their derivatives we give to Him could be stamped justifiably 'Return to Sender,' with a capital S. Even when God receives this one gift in return, the fully faithful will receive “all that [He] hath” (D&C 84:38). What an exchange rate!"
The one thing that we have, however, that is not God's is our mind, our will. As Christ abrogated the law of Moses, He commanded that we offer up a "broken heart, and a contrite spirit." (3 Ne. 9:20). The one thing that is truly ours to give.


mistyp said...

Thanks for the thought, My Dear! I love you! I'm glad we're home with you again!!!!

Prof. Osler said...

Hmmm... that's a point where I'm guessing that Mormon theology diverges from most other Christian sects, which would say that the mind and soul are also the creation and province of God.

Craig said...

Yeah, it's different. But it's also consistent with our belief in our Eternal Nature. And it also confirms that God is not the source of evil. We are.

But it doesn't diverge significantly. We also believe the soul is the creation and province of God. Our definition of the soul is union of a spiritual and a physical body. Both of which are God's creations.