Friday, October 10, 2008

Great Quote

It has been said that the Constitution of the United States was framed by men inspired by the Almighty Creator. If that be true, then the cases cited by the defendant, if valid, would seem to make it appear that the framers did not correctly understand their inspiration. Those cases also make manifest the fact that some 75 of the greatest justices of the Supreme Court never did know what the language of the Constitution meant. It would, therefore, seem that only God knew the true meaning, and He kept it to Himself for 175 years to reveal at long last to certain justices some strange and theretofore undreamed of meanings of the Constitution, all to the advantage and great joy of malefactors and to the utter horror and consternation of the great bulk of the law-abiding citizenery of the land.
-Justice Ellett, State v. Spencer, 471 P.2d 873, 875 (Utah 1970).

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