Sunday, November 05, 2006

Here are two poems I wrote; hope you like them.


Glistening wet with hope,
My eyes seek the Master,
And bound beneath transgression’s veil,
I cry out to the Savior:
"Jesus, I too seek Thy face;
So long I’ve suffered here,
Yet hope pierces my dark veil
Now that Thou art near.
I’ve waited long; please come dear Lord.
I cannot rise alone.
I see Thy hand raise another’s veil;
Wilt Thou lift just one?
Rend my veil, and I shall arise
Enough to see Thy face;
Heal me that I too may be
A partaker of Thy Grace."


It constricts, suffocates, and grinds below
Its heavy hand. I can’t find rest. I shrink
Beneath depression’s crushing press. To drink
The bitter cup, I’m not the first. I know
Of One who drank it to its dregs. Although
He bore it all, I feel alone and think
That I can bear no more. And on the brink
Of helplessness, to Him, again, I go.
My son, I’ve not forsaken thee. Yield not
For I’ve shrunk too. I’ve borne thy grief, carried
Thy woe. My stripes shall heal thee still. Behold
My hands, My feet, My side: with these I bought
Thy soul. Doubt not; fear not. I know thy need—
And from this trial, thou shalt emerge as gold.

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