Sunday, September 14, 2008

More on the Bar

Sean commented that he could hook me up with a lucrative position at any number of Pankratz law firms now that I've passed the bar. His comment made me think about my "law offices" as a student during the first two years at Baylor. Pictured above is that office. I looked in vain for a picture of the shingle my wife hung over the door. It read, "Law Offices of Craig L. Pankratz, Student at Law." I figure that if I hung my shingle, my new office would look something like this. (And I'd be playing the guitar because I wouldn't have any clients).
But I do have something to say about the bar exam and the power of prayer. I usually don't speak about my spiritual experiences, but I feel it would be appropriate to share this one.
I studied hard to take the bar exam. But I couldn't have passed it without God's help. As I took the test, I recognized that there were quite a few things that weren't in my review materials. I had studied most of them, but it hadn't been since the first or second year of law school.
Before the exam, however, I had fasted and prayed for success. My father gave me a Priesthood blessing that my mind would be clear. My family also prayed for me, and those who were able to fasted on my behalf. And it worked.
During the exam, when I came across a question that wasn't in my materials, in my mind's eye, I could see my professors explaining the legal principle. The most striking example was on an obscure question during the essay portion of the exam. The question related to the measure of damages on a breech of a mineral extraction contract. I hadn't studied it since second-quarter contracts during my first year at Baylor. Then I saw Prof. Trail (call it a vision or a nightmare) during one of his lectures, and I had the answer.
I hated contracts. Heck, I got a "C" in second-quarter contracts. There is no way I could have recalled that information on my own.
And several other times during the exam, I saw Prof. Serr, Prof. Guinn, and Prof. Powell in my mind's eye as they explained different principles that weren't covered in my review materials.
I testify that God answered my prayers and honored the Priesthood blessing my father gave me. And the power of prayer and of the Priesthood were magnified by fasting. I know it.
And I know that God will hear and answer your prayers as you seek Him. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

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