Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Because you asked

Recently, I posted some information about the Book of Mormon on my blog. An anonymous commentator asked me to provide physical evidence independent of Joseph Smith that supports the Book of Mormon.

Personally, I encourage anyone who wants to know the truthfullness of the Book of Mormon to study it and ask God if it is true. After you have gained that witness through the power of God, then you will begin to see other evidences.

But there are members of my Church, professional archeologists, who study Book of Mormon archeology. Today, I stumbled across a website illustrating some of their studies.

Again, I reiterate, the truthfullness of the Book of Mormon need not be proved by archeology, and archeology MUST NOT be the basis for your faith that the Book of Mormon is true. But because I have been asked to provide evidence independent of Joseph Smith, I submit to you this website:

Do with it what you will.



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Anonymous said...

I already knew that there were LDS archeologists, the missionaries told me that.

I must have been unclear in explaining what I meant by independent evidence. Independent to me has to be someone outside of the church. Everyone in the Church, according to your prior posts, can trace their membership in the priesthood to Joseph Smith.

It was very hard for me to go back and look at my faith genealogy with a critical eye; I have to admit there were events and influences that I didn't like.

That is all that I am asking you to do.

I asked you for independent proof because there is none; it was a question which I knew you couldn't answer. But I asked you anyway because I wanted you to challenge you to refine your faith through reason, self-reflection, and critical thinking.

For as many blogs that exist like yours, there are just as many by former members who felt that things just didn't add up: