Sunday, December 09, 2007

Following the Star

When shall I see His face
With heralding choir of angelic strain
Proclaiming His divinity?
Good tidings of great joy,
As declared on a bright Judean night,
And in haste I'd go to see
A Savior,
Born unto all men, Hope:
Jehovah, Messiah, Christ the King
Come to Earth as a humble child.
To see Him
And to know and feel,
I'd adore Him on bended knee.
And my eyes would then see
From sin's dark grasp on men,
And the sharp sting of death's doleful hold---
Laid in a lowly manger bed.
But the Child
Is not in Bethlehem,
For millennia have passed
Since shepherds found Him there.
So I seek Him,
Following the Gospel's star
Until my journey shall end
Before His glorious throne.
Oh Father!
Then shall I see His face
And my own song shall I raise
To worship Christ, my King.

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Novelty Pen said...

Thank you for the poem.
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